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  • Special attention, all the way
  • Adore more value
  • UAE, Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, Africa experts
  • Best deals with airlines / hotels / local destination management companies.


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Our tourism services don’t end when the ticket is purchased and the accommodation is secured, but it goes further than that, as our experts are working on providing you with the best product and service in line with our expertise of over 10 years in planning holidays. We also offer a wide range of tourism programs in unique and distinct destinations worldwide to suit the desires of our customers and their requirements, including travel, accommodation, visas, car rental, sightseeing tours and more, all through our offices. We are known for the exclusive destinations we offer at competitive prices and high-end services which also sets us apart in the travel and tourism market.

Service Features:

  • Featured selection of hotels, residential units, resorts, islands, condos and villas around the world
  • Health and travel insurance services to countries around the world
  • At WAHEGURU Travel, we also help attend to special modifications in your flight arrangements and provide specialized transportation arrangements in cases where you have to travel as a group.
  • The ability to customize your trip program to suit you and your family’s needs
  • Complementary services with special promotional offers
  • Customized services to help arrange your trip and collect you upon arrival all around the world
  • Our staff are your guide to ensuring you receive the best destinations, tours and locations to suit your preferences.


For reservations and inquiries:
E: holidays@wahegurutravels.com


We arrange reservations and ticketing services for any destination. Our staff are at the ready to serve you round the clock, seven days a week, including holidays and public holidays.
We have strong business relationships with local and international associates and partners, making us a certified travel agency for numerous airlines.
Wherever you are, we are reachable through our booking website, or through our network of branches within and without Africa.
Our operations are supported by the latest certified international airline booking systems for reservations and ticketing for all international and domestic airlines.

Service Features:

  • 24/7 year-round communication
  • Competitive pricing
  • Bookings confirmation and follow-up on all AFRICA as well as international airlines within and without AFRICA
  • Exclusive itinerary organization for private trips available upon request
  • Speed ​​and ease of issuance and delivery with E-ticketing through the latest technologies
  • Our partners around the world are comprised of over 500 travel and tourism offices, providing the best services at best prices
  • Premium lounges to serve our premium customers and their families
  • Customer service and support to companies, banks and retired group employees
  • Our staffs are your consultants to help organize your trip at the best prices at the most convenience
  • Emergency support to plan and book your trip as fast as possible

For reservations and inquiries:
E: info@wahegurutravels.com

To visit any country visas are mandatory for the client. Hence for this type mandatory service our dedicated team always tries to update with Proper documentation guidance for visas to visit the respective country.

All Visas request will be reverted on case to case basis.

For reservations and inquiries:
E: holidays@wahegurutravels.com

Millions of travelers rely on travel insurance, to help them recover from unexpected circumstances that can interrupt their travel plans. You are insured against expenses and inconvenience caused by emergency medical conditions, delayed flights, hotel cancellation, baggage delays, and so on. TRAVEL INSURANCE also offers additional benefits such as Medical Evacuation, Trip Cancellation or Curtailment, Travel Delay, Hazardous Sports and Terrorism Extension. You can easily access travel insurance products and emergency assistance services globally.
Our global reach, unparalleled service quality and proven operational capabilities allow our customers to receive the best-in-class care.

For reservations and inquiries:
E: holidays@wahegurutravels.com

Our regional and international partnerships with car rental companies enables us to offer numerous car rental options at competitive pricing.

We provide the latest models and best options available from government or private companies, to our customers. Services are available on a daily or longer term basis.

Service Fractures:

  • Variety of car models
  • Trained to standard drivers deliver quality service. Options include regular or chauffeured car
  • Complete privacy
  • Cars insured as per the respective countries’ rules and regulations
  • New models of car fleets
  • Competitive prices
  • Rental options for daily or longer-term needs
  • Special services for VIPs and business executives
  • Provision of conference services and guest management for government agencies, companies and banks
  • Rental services for individuals and governments, corporations, banks on short or long-term contracts
  • Replacements of cars as desired

For reservations and inquiries:
E: holidays@wahegurutravels.com

Our regional and international partnerships with CRUISE companies enables us to offer numerous Cruise options at competitive pricing.

Top 10 reasons why your next break should be a cruising holiday:

  • The cost of your cruise includes your accommodation, transportation, all meals, activities and entertainment. Some cruise lines include gratuities too. There are no surprise expenses like extra meals, room service, incidentals etc.
  • Every morning you wake up with a new country or island waiting to be explored. The ship offers optional organised excursions or you may go out on your own.
  • Every day on board ship is different. Different theme days for dining, menus and shows offer you a unique experience every night. You never have to do the same thing twice.
  • Visit different destinations without living out of a suitcase, or spending most of your holiday running from one airport to the next, catching buses and taxis.
  • On board ship the whole family can enjoy a proper holiday. Married or single, with or without children, the modern floating resorts offer facilities and entertainment for different people of different backgrounds and with different needs.
  • If you’re concerned about being stranded in the middle of the ocean, relax. Cruise ships are like floating cities with everything you could possibly want onboard. Today’s vessels are outfitted with Wi-Fi, cell service and satellite TV so you can stay in touch with the real world during your cruise.
  • No matter how active or inactive you want your holiday to be, these resorts offer you exactly that! Tennis, mini golf, video arcade, basket ball, libraries, video libraries, card games, aerobics, fully equipped gyms, health spas, massage, facials and much more are on offer every day.
  • Cruising is not only for the rich and famous. It is cheaper to enjoy a cruise holiday than a similar land based one. With prices starting from as little as US$ 75.00 per per day (*T&C applies), cruising offers unbeatable value for money!
  • Married or single, with or without children, the modern floating resorts offer facilities and entertainment for different people of different backgrounds and with different needs.
  • Cruising is guaranteed to be the most relaxed and enjoyable holiday of your life.
  • You can have the vacation of a lifetime, see the world, completely unwind, take a walk on the wild side, dance the night away, feast on fabulous cuisine, learn something new, make friends, bond with your family, and steal quiet moments with your spouse. Whatever your heart desires, is yours, when you choose to cruise.

For reservations and inquiries:
E: holidays@wahegurutravels.com

M.I.C.E. (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions)

We offer all services related to organizing exhibitions and conferences for public and private entities, through our specialized partners who are experts in organizing official meetings.

We organize and manage conferences and meetings in Saudi Arabia, as well as in European, Arab and Asian countries.
We offer additional assistance services for visa applications, reception of guest, and booking accommodations.

Service Features:

  • Specialized team to organize conferences and meetings
  • Air travel, accommodation, transportation, booking and arranging meeting rooms, sightseeing trips for participants
  • Processing / Assistance on visas for participants
  • Provision of private transportation services during the conference period
  • The provision of reception and check-in services at airports / Hotels
  • Necessary logistics support available upon request (if permitted by LAW OF LAND of that recipient country).
  • Our wide network of embassies and efficient operations enable us to process visas to any country across the globe at ease. Customers may request a visa to any country, and we will help with the following services:
  • By Requesting or filling embassies forms
  • Scheduling a date for an interview with the embassy
  • Complete orientation of the study-abroad procedures
  • Advisory services for study and travel insurance
  • Follow-up for visas

For reservations and inquiries:
E: info@wahegurutravels.com


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“Trip to Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos”We went as 2 couples to Indochina with solar empire. The flights were booked by ourselves (but guided by solar empire) and all the logistics (transport, tours and accommodation was organised by solar empire). Everything

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